Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Supplement Primer: The supplement industry

SUPPLEMENT PRIMER: The Supplement Industry
Over the next few weeks I will be covering several questions that have come up at work frequently about supplements.  Topics like Protein Sources, Performance Aids, Diet Pills, and Thermogenics will start us out.  

The Supplement Industry
First off, the supplement industry is a billion-dollar a year industry, and is full of exciting products that promise fast fat loss and massive  muscle gain.  Let me make this clear…  Even though there are several good supplements out there, THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL.  No matter which supplements you use it still takes determination and effort to get results.

It comes down to one thing... a supplement is just what it sounds like, a SUPPLEMENT to an already existing GOOD DIET. Get your nutrition plan right and make sure your exercise plan is optimal. Those alone will get you great results.  After looking into your diet, check the studies on a supplement before buying it.  Many supplements claim a great deal but fail to deliver.

So before going out and spending hundreds of dollars on what amounts to usually rice flour and caffeine, evaluate your existing program and tweak what you can.  Examine the quality of the foods you are eating, the timing of your nutrients, and what you can be doing to better yourself there.  Once you have done that, then consider where you need to supplement.

Next up: Protein  

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